A Comment on Hani’s article: مقالة القدس بين أورسليموم يبوس ومدينة داود

مقالة القدس في العصور المدنية القديمة . Hani Nur

Hani’s article on the archeological history of Jerusalem since old times, especially in the Bronze age, is an excellent contribution to a long line of the new historical and archeological studies, lead by Niels Peter Lemche, Thomas Thompson (the Copenhagen School), Keith Whitelam and others. The last 150 years of struggling to match the biblical text with the factual findings of archeology were baseless & proved to be ideology-oriented to dispossess & disconnect the people of Palestine from their past historiography. A project that partially succeeded in uprooting two thirds of Palestinians from their homeland since 1948, with the total support of the Modern European World (both East & West) & the cover up of the official Academic discourse in European Universities that was adopted by their orientalists, mainly the baseless biblical interpretations concerning Palestine’s past. Hani’s voice, whom I have heard earlier in Copenhagen & al-Quds Univ. together with Issa Saree’ & Hamdan Taha, are the authentic historians & archeologists of our era, whose articles, books & efforts will remain a proof of the impossibility to “Silence” the Palestinian history by “Inventing” another baseless religious one-to borrow two words from Keith Whitelam’s book: “The Invention of Ancient Israel-the Silencing of Palestinian History”. The article’s approach, by locating Jerusalem within the regional historiography of the region: Egypt, al-Sham & Mesopotamia’s context , gives it more credibility and authenticity  as well. Thanks Hani.  

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