Lubya Village – أرض الآباء – لوبيه

Palestine – Galilee -Tiberias – Lubya

 Lubya’s  historiography, Demolishment & Ethnic Cleansing pre-1948 – 2024

Lubyans, after 76 years in exile: no choice other than RETURN- هوية – فيلم كبار السن – لوبيا أرضٌ تنتظر عودتنا

Lubya Rebuilt in 2021 by Palestinian Architects

د. محمود عيسى – ندوة – #لُوبيا – القرية الفلسطينية المُهّجرة 1948 – YouTube: 5 nov.2021 in Arabic

1. Museum onLine-Lubya (P.P.)

 2. “Den Fædrene Jord”- “Ancestors’ Land” Documentary film on Lubya 1995–  ارض الآباء

Info on the film: “Ancestors’ Land”  ارض الآباء

The first documentary film “Ancestors’ Land” was performed by the Danish Television DR, where I accompanied my parents with others from my family to see the ruins of our house in the demolished village of Lubya. This film was seen by more than one million viewers when broadcasted in 1995 in Denmark.  It was viewed in many parts of the world as well. 

 3. 133 historical documents maps & photos on Lubya


4. Film: Village (LUBYA) Under Forest/2013 

 Code to whole film: GreenTree4$


The Village (LUBYA) Under the Forest  فيلم “القرية تحت الغابة

A well documented film by Mark Kaplan & Heidi Grunebaum, from South African, protesting the renaming of Lubya’s ruins  to “South African Forest” after its demolition and ethnic cleansing in 1948 – to obliterate the historiography of the village under greening policies-The film is based on my counselling and research.

5. Film (1:18 min) Demo in Lubya1.May2015

6. Lubya manus  feb. 2020 

7. “Palestine History and Heritage Project PaHH” 

Palestine History and Heritage Project (PaHH) har til formål at udvikle en metode til at skrive Palæstinas historie, som inkluderer alle regioner og folk, som har levet i området siden den allertidligste bosættelse.

The Palestine History and Heritage Curriculum Project aims to produce evidence-based, critical historical texts and materials related to Palestine and its region from prehistoric times to the present. Bearing an historical perspective, which avoids ethnocentricity in an inclusive effort to describe the complex, multi-cultural, religious, ethnic and linguistic traditions reflected throughout Palestine’s long history, this project takes its point of departure in the progression of methods and discoveries of archaeological and historical scholarship since the mid-1970s.


LUBYA, a Palestinian Village in Galilee, an Unforgettable Symphony”Lambert, Berlin, 2020. -In 9 Languages.

Book can be purchased at:, &



كتاب “لوبيه – قريه فلسطينيه في الجليل – سمفونيه لا تنسى” مترجم الان الى9 لغات عالميه : الفرنسية البرتغالية الألمانية الهولندية البولونيه الأسبانية الإيطالية الآنجليزيه الدنماركيه- موقع  أمازون 


  Lubya manus. pdf 2020 feb.

Link to Lubya book in different languages at:

 Link to Amazon also

 Monograph is covering the historiography, culture and identity of a Palestinian village, Lubya, demolished in 1948, uprooting and dispersing all its population; nowadays residing in thirteen different countries in the four corners of the world. To erase the witnesses and the debris of the houses, a huge green forest called “South African Forest” is planted to bury the last remnants and cover up the horrible crime of the demolishment. Around 3500 people were living in Lubya before the Nakba in 1948; nowadays, they are almost 50.000. The main method used to reconstruct the historiography of Lubya – the biggest in Tiberias district, and the second in Galilee- is qualitative interviews with the elderly generation, supported by archival documents in Jerusalem, Nazareth, London; diaries, newspaper articles and historical references. Young Lubyan generation living in exile were interviewed as well to follow their aspirations, livelihood, identity question, integration and their dreams of return.

Publishing house: (author) :Mahmoud Issa Number of pages: 256 Published on:2019-12-27 Keywords:historiography, identity, culture, memory.

9. Apology film 15 min. on 1.May 2015

10. Other main links to Lubya Village, films &  Books

Map of Lubya in Tiberias district- from 1870’s. (Source Wikipedia) Portion of map produced by the Survey of Western Palestine, first published in 1880 by the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund. The editor, Walter Besant, died in 1901. This portion comes from Sheet 6:

in Arabic:

Interview (26.4.2015) with Zahra Hajjo, born 1935, living in Deir Hanna: on daily livelihood in Lubya before expulsion:  (1:30 min)-Source Zochrot. 


Lubyans, after 76 years in exile: no choice other than RETURN- هوية – فيلم كبار السن – لوبيا أرضٌ تنتظر عودتنا

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  1. This site is mainly focused on a demolished village in 1948, Lubya, in Galilee, Palestine. It is a historical, educational and pedagogic site that highlights the historiography,identity and culture of the village and its inhabitants: past and present-in exile. 3 Documentary Films, books on Lubya, articles in arabic, english and danish are also available, together with other relevant papers and articles on culture, memory & identity .

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