Lubya Rebuilt in 2021 by Palestinian Architects

اعادة  بناء  لوبيه 2021. مشروع يفتح أفق جدي لفلسطين المستقبل – آمل ان يشمل ال  675 قريه و مدينه التي دمرت منذ 1948

Following is a video meeting of 1:18 min. of Lubyans in & out of Palestine with the Architects. A courageous project that should continue to cover the 675 demolished towns and villages from 1948. (Lubya is the fifth reconstructed village). 


Documents, films, cultural articles, books on demolished Lubya village: history, identity and culture of Lubya village in Galilee, Palestine.

Lubya Village Museum - Galilee - Palestine متحف قرية لوبيه - الجليل - فلسطين