Another doc. film on Lubya-Village under Forest

This is a documentary film directed by Mark Kaplan & Heidi Grunebaum, form South African, protesting the renaming of Lubya ruins in Galilee to “South African Forest” after its demolition and ethnic cleansing in 1948 – An effort to obliterate the historiography of the village under greening policies-The film is based on my councelling and research.


فيلم “القرية تحت الغابة the Village under the Forest ” . – للمشاهدة يمكن الضغط على الرابط التالي وإضافة كلمة المرور التالية: Here is the link and the code
GreenTree4$  كلمة المرور الرابط
Arabic subtitles for the film:

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