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Palestine- Galillee-Tiberias-Lubya
“Den Fædrene Jord”- “Ancestors Land” Documentary film on Lubya 1995-

“Ancectors Land”

The first documentary film “Ancectors Land” was performed by the Danish Television DR, where I accompanied my parents with others from my family to see the ruins of our house in the demolished village of Lubya. This film was seen by more than one million viewers when broadcasted in 1995 in Denmark.  It was broadcasted in many part of the world as well. 

133 historical documents on Lubya’s historiography. maps and photos:


Film:  Village (LUBYA) Under Forest/2013 

 Code to film: GreenTree4$


The Village (LUBYA) Under the Forest  فيلم “القرية تحت الغابة

This a documentary film directed by Mark Kaplan & Heidi Grunebaum, form South African, protesting the renaming of Lubya ruins in Galilee to “South African Forest” after its demolition and ethnic cleansing in 1948 – An effort to obliterate the historiography of the village under greening policies-The film is based on my councelling and research.

Lubya demo 2014


CNN report on Lubya’s apology event on 1st. of may

CNN report on Lubya’s apology event on 1st. of may 2015


Palestine History and Heritage Project: Danish & English

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