A comment on Kenneth Haar’s : “A Europe Of Capital”, 2024 Brussels

A Europe Of Capital,  2024, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-Brussels Office

One of the best books I have ever read about the European Union, EU, and how over 30000 Lobbyists work daily in the corridors and offices of the EU in Brussels to influence decision making that favorit their respective Corporations interests , whether in money regulations- Banks, Weaponry  Funds & Arms sale, Industry, medicine, Petrol, Gas….etc. against the social, political, democratic, environmental  and health interests of the  majority of the people of Europe. In 12 chapters of the book: “A Europe of Capital”, and through 316 pages, Kenneth documented through his work of almost a quarter of a century how business and Bank  Corporations succeeded to establish the European Competition state  worked daily  ofr teh interests of the few, covering their weapons export for example under the mantra of “peace project” or ” the strategic Compass”, while they are actually “merchants of death” as the book called them, whether in Yemen, or Mozambique.  The high representative Josep Borrell spoke clearly of behalf of EU defending this policy of weapons export, against the critique from human rights organisations and other individual members of the parliament: ” to ensure a striving defence industry, exports are essential”, p 221. Th ethical and human rights issues were pushed further back in the agenda. Since the early beginnings of the EEC in 1957, before it came later the EU, the Commission  “has had competence over competition policy”, claimed Kenneth.-P 186, undermining the role of the Parliament and the council of Ministers. They even “allowed cartels to form in a number of industries such as steel, shipbuilding, chemicals and textiles” p.187

Earlier I commented on the Danish version of the book. The difference to the English version is that new chapters and updated info was added. Kenneth succeeded, as a lobby watchdog in the Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), to show the huge deficit of the EU institutions in democracy, human rights, environment, health care…etc; EU is simply  representative of Elite Corporations against the interests of the majority.  

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