Zulay Magazieva & her book “Det Tabte Tjetjenien”-The Lost Chechnya—-

In 81 chapters, 200 Pages, Zulay told the horrible and tragic story of a small republic, Chechen, that tried to be independent in the nineties but drastically failed. Chechen people were known for centuries for their special identity and culture. people who were denied living peacefully for centuries, under tzars and under communist repression, especially Stalin …seven hundred to one million people are the approx. numbers of this tiny republic. Proud People of the mountains who refuse to be controlled by any foreign power as Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote. No one can tell the story of their people other than people themselves. Zulay, a brave journalist has total credibility when she reflects on shootings, kidnappings, torture, springing bodies in the air, dropping live bodies from helicopters…etc: all that one could imagine about what happened during the war and its tremendous unforgettable results, especially among those who directly was witness to the drama, is found between the two covers of Zulay’s book. Without this brave honest and decent account, part of our modern history will be missed forever. Eyewitnesses and direct testimonies are the fountains for credible and authentic resources, much more than the accounts told be victors, who mostly falsify their archival accounts to match their version of the story.     

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