“Women’s Day”- 8th of March: Equality, Dignity & Justice are still far ahead

Gender equality is one of the main topics I was interested in since my childhood. No prospects of any bright future for our human race on this small planet without attaining full equality between men and women at all levels: economic, social, legal, heritage, political representation, equal opportunities, choices & livelihood. Centuries of discrimination by a patriarchal structure, built on specific limited and politicized interpretations of customs, traditions, and religions pre and post BC (apart from one era where motherhood was dominant): all religions, mainly the monotheistic, and huge default representational policies that are still dominant worldwide, including Denmark,  and excluding two or three countries that insisted on 50% equal representation in politics: the majority of the UN 194 countries are still far away from the basic equality demand, covering themselves here and there by quota politics to women, which is partly positive but far from being enough. CEDAW -The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women- is a necessary international treaty that should be signed and implemented worldwide, without reservations. In this regard, special thanks to Moroccan and Tunisian women’s organizations for their remarkable achievements by adopting the “MUDAWANA”,  (short for mudawwanat al-aḥwāl al-shakhṣiyyah) which symbolizes the personal status code, or family code in law. It concerns issues related to the family, including the regulation of marriage, polygamy, divorce, inheritance, and child custody

Together with the environmental question,  and the freeing of peoples from discriminatory colonial/occupational policies,-especially in Palestine- gender question remains a priority worldwide to open the horizon for milliard of misused and suppressed histories and voices of women during millennia calling for just, equal, and full representational policies at all levels of social scala. 

(The photo above is of an international conference in Beirut with representatives from 13 different Arab and Scandinavian countries  – one out of four other conferences in Amman, Cairo & Ålborg –  I conducted when worked as a senior consultant with one of the best research centers on women and gender in the world: KVINFO (The Danish Center for Research on Women and Gender).  

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