The famous danish writer H.C.Andersen imprisoned a congolese woman for 16 hours in a cage, to hear her stories, according to Martin McDonagh

H.C.Andersen, the famous writer who dominate the cultural scene of Denmark’s literature, imprisoned an African woman, Margory, from Congo, in a cage, hearing from her a series of stories that inspired the Andersen in his literary career, according to playwright Martin McDonagh (A very very very dark matter) recently played in London, …A serious question of morality should be raised when great writers cover up their dark past era…A very very very dark matter indeed. Also Charles Dicken’s personal life has its dark hidden side as well, dealing with his wife, as new documents had shown recently….

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قد لا يختلف كثيرون حول مكانة الأديب الدنماركي هانز كريستيان أندرسن (1805ــ 1875) كأحد كبار مؤسسي قصة الأطفال بالمعنى الحديث للمصطلح، إنْ لم يكن الأبرز؛ خصوصاً في جوانب ا…

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