On Nakba Day: After 67 years in exile

Today is 67 years since the biggest and largest ethnic cleansing operation of Palestine took place, with the deliberate destruction of 531 villages and towns and the expulsion of almost one million Palestinians; 2/3 of the inhabitants at the time being. Nowadays 12.1 million Palestinians denied the right for self-determination and the right to exist as all other nations in the world. Half of the 12.1 million Palestinians are living in historic Palestine, while the other half are dispersed in all the corners of the world in 58 diaspora refugee camps and other cities and towns, denied the right to return to their original ancestors’ homeland land. Palestinians nowadays owned only 15% of their homeland soil, while 85% is confiscated. On this occasion I want to assert that third and fourth generations of refugees are more insistent on their absolute right to return to their villages and towns, together with restitution and compensation for the sufferings they undergone in their exile. All colonial powers’ policies, discrimination, occupation and suppression are doomed to failure: in Vietnam, Algeria, South Africa and soon in Palestine. In this occasion I will reset a link to the film “ancestor’s land” where my father Youssef, 92 years old, showed us his original town “Lubya” in 1994, where he was born and grown up, before he died in Copenhagen three years ago:


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