Newly Documents revealed by Adam Ratz on 1948 Nakba: How prisonning of thousand civilian Palestinians in “Cages”

Oral interviews are a main source for what happened in 1948 and after, even after 73 years of al-Nakba – One of those prisoners was my father.  Ratz’s revelation is interesting, although Palestinians tried for decades to tell their story, but without international success. Mustafa Kabha & Wadee’ Awawda documented in a book in 2013, through 100 interviews with those imprisoned & how their daily lives went through in the ten camps in Mandate Palestine -for three months to one year and a half- away from their homes that were expropriated. Sheik Sami Abi-Shahada was obliged to burn 70 civilians who were hiding in al-Lid mosque-all shot dead there. These prisons were called “Cages”, to avoid using the word Ghettoes…..  . One of those prisoners was my father from the era of the 1936 revolution, when the British-who paved the way for Nakba since Balfour- were there.   


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