Friday 5 May 2018- Lecture in KBH Hus on “Oral History Methodologies”

Dr. Mahmoud Issa will give more perspectives on the methodology of oral history with a case study with the Diaspora Lubyans, originally from a now demolished Palestinian village in north Galilee.

LIVING MEMORIES is a free seminar and workshop on the political participation of women in Palestine, the on-going Gaza March and the methodology of oral history.

Writing history is a subjective business. The writing of women’s history even more so, for its exclusion of women from the historical profession over many years. For the past 30 years, Dr. Faiha Abdulhadi has been righting (and writing) wrongs, creating space for women’s histories in what can often seem to be fixed landscape.

During the seminar and workshop, you will be lead by Dr. Abdulhadi through the testimonies of Palestinian women, who fled and fought during the 1948 Nakba and the Six-Day War of 1967. The event will explore new angles on women’s roles in historical Palestinian struggles. Whereas much has been written about women as victims of war, fleeing from conflict, Dr. Abdulhadi’s research has uncovered numerous testimonies, shedding light on women as soldiers, rebels and members of the resistance in their own right.

Contrary to the dominant narrative which has discounted women’s presence on the battlefield and in political life, this seminar will focus on how academics can use Dr. Abdulhadi’s methodologies to uncover new, untold, and previously neglected histories, in Palestine as well as elsewhere.

Dr. Faiha Abdulhadi is the founder and director of the الرواة للدراسات والأبحاث – Al Rowat for Studies & Research and leads the 1948 Displacement Project. She is an author, poet, activist and lecturer, currently living in Ramallah.

Also at the seminar you will meet

Prof. Michelle Pace exploring how memories travel from those who experienced the tragic events of the Nakba to their grandchildren and how they are recounted during the Great March of 2018.

The Palestinian writer and former journalist at, Muhammad Shehada expands on these themes by analysing the transformation of Palestinian resistance tactics and shift towards non-violence during the Gaza March

Dr. Mahmoud Issa will give more perspectives on the methodology of oral history with a case study with the Diaspora Lubyans, originally from a now demolished Palestinian village in north Galilee.

This event is FREE but to secure your spot, you must sign up via the Billetto link above!

We look forward to welcoming her, and you, to Talk Town 2018!


Programme details to come – stay up-to-date by clicking ‘attending’ here on Facebook.


This event is organised in collaboration with The Danish House in Palestine DAPAWO and the Palestine History & Heritage Project.

The Danish House in Palestine (DHIP) is a non-profit, non-governmental, politically independent organization. We facilitate dialogue and cultural exchanges between Palestinians Danes. Our aim is to strengthen bilateral relations and encourage mutual respect and understanding between Denmark and Palestine.

DAPAWO: Danish Palestinian Women Organization-DAPAWO blev dannet i marts 2013 af en gruppe danske og herboende palæstinensiske kvinder, som en tværpolitisk og uafhængig forening. DAPAWOs formål er at informere om palæstinensiske kvinders forhold i Danmark og i Palæstina, og at støtte projekter til gavn for kvinder i Palæstina.

PHHP: Working under the Faculty of Theology at the University of Copenhagen, the Palestine History & Heritage Project is an international and interdisciplinary research project spanning five countries and 8 research centres. Its focus is the critical revision of Palestine’s history in order to provide the basis for the development of textbooks and teachers’ manuals for the Palestine Authority’s school system.


TALK TOWN – Talking gender, equality & feminism
Talk Town 2018 finder sted 3.-5. maj 2018 i Huset-KBH!
Festivalen er en samtaleby om køn, ligestilling og feminisme; et forum for dialog på tværs af faglig og personlig erfaring; et sted for nysgerrighed, netværksdannelse og dialog. Talk Town er talks, paneldebatter og workshops, krydret med sociale og kunstneriske events som koncerter, fællesspisninger og performances.

Festivalen er gratis og åben for alle – vi ses!!!

Læs mere på og følg med på Instagram: @talktown

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Hvis du har nogle specielle ønsker, der kan gøre din oplevelse bedre i forhold til tilgængelighed, så skriv en besked til, og vi vil prøve at imødekomme det.

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