Excerpts on “Lubya Village” From South African writer Heidi Grunbaum “Poetry Book of the Missing”

After Lubya village beneath decades of pine needles at South Africa Forest
After South Africa Forest, planted over the rubble of Lubya
by South African Jews who remember the Shoah
After Abdallah, steady on his shorter leg, took us deep into the forest
to the maqam and the graveyard and well
After Na’eem entered the maqam and prayed
After we passed trees of pomegranates and figs and olives that live, still live
After Abu Samiyeh returns to the village each week
for forty years to remember and to pray
After wiping out memory for six years times ten
After the scene of the crime was wiped clear with guns, trees, narratives
After ancient words for modern deeds
and pines bought by a thousand thousand white-blue pushkas
from Jewish homes a thousand lands away
After the patient sabr cactus stands watch over stones and rubble
and graves and wells
After the sabr like a silent wife waits for the return of her beloved
After this, after this, after all this
There is Palestine.
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