A comment on “No Friend but the Mountains”, Behrouz Boochani……..

“No friend but the mountains”, is a book that every human, if we want to remain human in an un-human world, needs to read. The word “Kurdistan” means a lot in itself, exactly as the “Palestine”. Only people with experience can give meaning to these neutral words. Behrouz’ experience for six years in an inferno prison in #Manus Island under the control of Australien Police, is a huge cry against a complicated hierarchy system Behrouz called: Kyriarchy (a term used by Feminist Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza)- Kyriarchi involves: stigmatization, racism, economic discrimination, religious suppression, indigenous people’s killing, xenophobia, militarism, class violence, control….and you can add more to the list of inhuman experiences. 

When one reads books from or on prisons: J.C.Coetzey, Imre Kertesz, Nelson Mandela, Richard Flanagan, Gramschi, Foucault or Kafka, Camus, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn and Becket, one thinks that all sufferings and pain are there. That is enough. But no. That is not enough. Behrouz adds something special, extra, more depth to the horrors and humiliations that a man could face: inferno without a bottom.

Against all this complicated and multi-layer hierarchical system -Kyriarchy, Behrouz used his own words to defeat the strength of the power of those who imprisoned him. Though poetry, legends, love to his mother, and memory of her songs while he was a child; through his research and help from close friends outside the prison, through hundreds of SMS es and WhatsApp, he succeeded to write this monumental book of 400 pages, receiving prizes and refugee status from Newzeland government, arriving there last year in 2019,  in the same time where this criminal monster shout dead 51 Muslim persons in two mosques, to keep white race dominant and prevent Muslims becoming a majority, as he claimed….The same discourse is heard her and elsewhere in nowadays Europe and the States. Behrouz’s Will to continue struggling to uncover the sufferings of those humans awaiting for refugee status in their “concentration” camps, whether in Denmark, Australia, Italy or elsewhere, should be maintained until dignity and justice are achieved for all refugees worldwide; whether Kurds, Syrians, Rohingyas or Palestinians.