“Deepest Regrets” from Belgian king to Congo’s President-But neither reparation nor compensation

On the 60th anniversary of Congo’s independence, Belgian king, Philippe expresses his “deepest regrets” to the president of Congo. Between 10 and 15 million have died as a direct result of the horrors of the king and his colonial rule. Just last month the brother of the king defended Leopold 11, said that he did not visit Congo even once-thus unresponsible for the crimes committed there. Neither reparation nor compensation was mentioned in the King’s letter.

Nowadays, after72 years of Palestine’s colonization and uprooting of 2/3 of the Palestinians from their own homes and lands in 1948, one word of regret or sorry from authorities was not heard yet; the opposite is taking place: the continued confiscation of 30% of the remaining small archipelago Islands of what remained of historical Palestine, enlisted to start today- in what is known as “The Century’s Deal”. Colonial powers, past and present, never learn lessons from history – They change their tactics, but their main goal remains Control, Confiscations, Subjugation and  Denial of the horrors they inflicted on the Aboriginals, Natives, and the Indigenous populations of the colonized people-thus refusing to repay back part of the debt they owed to the colonized peoples. Although partially appreciated after 135 years in complete silence,  it is only a lip service from Belgian king Philippe that felt short of clear Apology, followed by Reparation and Compensation. Justice should prevail for all colonized, whether past or present.     

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