Comment on Abdel Aziz and Suad Taha’s book “Fra Libanon to Lærkevej”

Research interview is an art in itself. The knowledge we get from Abdel Aziz, Suad and Hamad is immense, rich and full of human gestures. Although the publisher have chosen to present a selective background history of the family’s Palestinian background, without mentioning the beginning of the European Zionist project to uproot the original Palestinian people that started earlier in Europe in 18th century, then inaugurating officially in 1897 in Basil, and later in the British Belfour declaration in 1917… The implementation of the biggest slowly ethnic cleansing process took place from that time. Then culminated in 1947-48 where 2/3 of the people of Palestine were unrooted- among those is the family of Suad and Hamad – from the completely demolished “Zeeb” village in northern Galilee…..This note that is missing, intentionaly, in the book is necessary to mention, as a background of this family who succeeded at all levels of their refugee life- in Lebanon, Dubai and lately in Denmark. A book worth reading as an example of good integration, while keeping the Palestinian roots flourishing from old to new generation. Thanks to Suad, Hamad and their son Abdel, who struggled successfuly to refind his identity, both as Palestinian and Danish.


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