A comment on Salam Ibrahim’s novel: “al-Hayat Lahtha”-الحياة لحظه


507 pages, with a series of episodes ranging from Bagdad, Kurdistan, Iran, Turkey to Mosko, Kiev, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, Salam Ibrahim took us on a long multilayers journey that covers the lives of a series of personalities that ended with the last sentence of the novel: Life is only a moment, life is a bubble, take a photo of it before it exploded. Dostoevsky and Chekov’s characters were personified in Shairko, Salamim Mahmoud, and many other friends whom Ibrahim met in his long journey from his birthplace al-Diwaniyyi to all the places he visited: prisons, mountains, bars, cities, women of all kinds, and unfulfilled dreams. A journey that went deep in “Naffar”, the capital of the Sumerians to nowadays Iraq. Salam’s characters were so vivid, lively, rude, strange, modest, sympathetic…and you can imagine a dozen more qualities for human contradictions that only Shakespeare could depict this hollowness of the bubble of life.          

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