A comment on “Empire, Colony & Genocide”, el-Araqeeb village & Macron’s apology to Ali Boumendjel’s grandsons

19 chapters of the book are covering a series of articles that extend from Old Empires as the Roman to the newly Empires of our era, analyzing the relationship between these three concepts (Empire, Colony, Genocide), and the interrelationship that bound them together, although seen sometimes differently in the context of each empire and its way to colonize, eliminate and /or assimilate the indigenous populations they occupy. Genocide was embedded in the structural form of the colonization process, whether the empires acknowledge it or not. Frances modern day of Macron tries to approach the issue without daring to fully investigate the colonial past. Macrom apologizes to the grandsons of (Ali Boumendjel) for the assassination of their grandfather, after 64 years of independence. The official report said he killed himself in prison. The chief of intelligence services admitted in 2000 that he ordered one of his soldiers to kill Ali in prison and wrote a report that he committed suicide,,,,, 15 million Algerians perished in the 132 years of colonization. They demand at least recognition from the earlier colonial power. The definition of cultural genocide was discussed at length, although not mentioned in the UN charter on defining genocide. Interesting contribution from experts on this domain. Nevertheless, and apart from one article by Lorenzo Veracini; Colonialism and Genocide- Notes for the analysis of a settler archive (pp 148-161). The same pattern that was employed in other colonies is applied as well in Palestine, as the article demonstrates. Anyway, there is a lack of a wholeness approach to the systematic uprooting and expropriating of the land of indigenous Palestinians, confiscation of their heritage, land,  libraries, properties, and hundreds of villages¨disappearance and the continuation until recent days of demolition of an el-Araqeeb village (see the photo of them above) in Naqab, for the 180th time until now, in 2021; and the insistence of its population to rebuild it again, a clear example of an ethnic and extirpation process that never stopped since the Nakba- 73 years ago.  Not a word of apology to Palestinians.

(NB) The International Criminal Court (ICC) will start investigating crimes committed in parts of occupied Palestine after five years of waiting. Coming late, for the sake of justice, is better than not coming at all.        

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