A comment on El-Dabash book “PALESTINE from here emerged Civilisation”

Ahmed El-Dabash book on Palestine from the Paleolithic to the Chalcolithic Age is a very concise book of seven chapters -160 pages presents authentic well-documented research on the history of this tiny piece of land-Palestine, tracing back the emergence of the Homo Erectus species-from the Ubeidi Civilisation, located by the southern shore of the Sea of Galilee-Tiberias lake- to the nowadays era. Ahmed’s analyzed the main role of the western theological surveys of Palestine, especially Edward Robinson & Eli Smith in the middle of the nineteenth century (1852) & many other Biblical Orientalists who tried systematically to impose names of the Bible, the old and the new as well, on the topography of the “holy land”.  The result of these early biblical archeological research resulted in the infamous say: “A land without people for a people without a land”, and the demolishment of 675 Palestinian villages and towns that had their roots in prehistory stone ages before their ethnic cleansing in Nakba 1948. With this well documented and well-researched book, El-Dabash followed & confirmed the research of the earlier pioneers of “The Copenhagen School” who revolutionized the whole perception of the historiography of Palestine since the eighties of the last century: Niels Peter, Thomas Thompson, Keith Whitelam, Ingrid Hjelm, Bo Hermansen  & many  Palestinian archeologists- Muawia Ibrahim, Hamdan Taha, Issa Sarie,  Hani Nur El-Din -Mahmoud Hawari, only to mention a few. “Revision and change in all our methods … to write the history of ancient Palestine today- is required”, as Thomas Thompson wrote in his book “The Mythic Past”, 22 years ago.

(Centre for Arabic Unity Studies, Beirut-2021, translated by Manal Sherbini).   

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