A comment on an article:”1965 Today: Living with the Indonesian Massacres”……..

An interesting article about the massacres of 1965 in Indonesia, written by three researchers- names are in the article-  on the genocide that costs more than one million people- others estimate up to 3 million people – and the role of Oral History & witnesses’ confessions

NB  Although many other well-known massacres are named in the last century, not a word was mentioned about the massacres of Palestinians in 1948 and the continued denial and silence by the perpetrators and authorities of the facts of uprooting two-thirds of Palestinian people and a series of well-planned massacres, exceeding seventy. Is it intentional or a passing mistake? I tend to believe the first hypothesis. Nevertheless, it is an interesting article that shows the power of Oral Interviews and Eyewitness’s Accounts, against the  denial of the authorities in power:


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