73 years of ongoing Colonisation, Evictions & Massacres: from LUBYA to Sheikh Jarrah

“Den Fædrene Jord”- “Ancestors’ Land” Documentary film on Lubya 1995–  ارض الآباء


Lubya Village – ارض الآباء – لوبيه

73 years only is the time from the eviction and later destruction of our village LUBYA, in Galilee  in 1948, to the trials of evicting the few families of Sheikh Jarrah, who were original refugees from their original homes in west Jerusalem, Lyd and Ramli, in 2021. Colonialism, settlement and the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians was and still the core issue that took place a century ago in this tiny area of 27000 km2, under the earlier British colonizers and their successors.

Colonialism, empire and genocide dominated three centuries of our modern era in the four corners of our globe- not to speak of earlier colonialism era  in Roman , Ottoman and  Mongol. 

Millions of peoples perished in these centuries of colonial era by European powers to expand, dominate and exterminate the original peoples of non-Europeans; whether in America-both North and South, Africa, or Australia. 15 million people alone in Algeria during the 132 years of French Colonialism: only to give one concrete example. The Algerians are still awaiting a word of APOLOGY, from the earlier colonisers, but in vain – let alone compensation and reparations for the victims and their descendants. And today French authorities are preventing a pro- Palestinian demo to take place in Paris-planned Saturday, 15th May: the 73rd anniversary of Nakba- the uprooting of 2/3 of Palestinians from their native homes.

14 million Palestinians have absolute right to demand their story to be told, their lands to be restored, and their demolished villages to be reclaimed. The Right of Return and Reparation are guaranteed by international laws and 194 resolution adopted by general assembly of UN in 1948. (The Swedish deplomat, count Bernadotte payed with his life the price for his insistence on implementing the UN decision. Perpetrators never got punished for this crime).

It took the president of the United States 106 years to recognize the Armenian genocide in first word war. It took decades to recognize the aborignial Tasminian’s rights in Australia, the indigenous Māoris of NewZeland, the genocide in Congo by Belgians, and the many many others that needs a series of books just to enlist the massacres of Europians in the four corners of the world. Should Palestinians wait for more than 3/4 of a century for their rights to be recognised? 

When Human Rights Watch and B’TSelem’s reports last month documented the thousands of cases of discrimination and oppression against Palestinians in what they classified as “Apartheid”, the international powers are called to stop the historical denial of the Palestinian People’s rights for self determination. Although “Too many enemies” is the title of Rose Mary Sayegh’s  book, documenting the tragedy and massacres Palestinians underwent; I believe that Palestinians have “too many friends” in the world that need to be addressed and mobilized to attain justice and peace.

For more info on Nakba visit https://mahmoud.dk

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