Heather Spears & her immemorial legacy

Heather Spears, the novelist, poet, human & courageous personality left us a marvelous legacy of more than 100 exhibitions of drawings, mainly of the Intifada children of Palestine, 4 books of drawings, and 5 novels. She received letters from young girls and boys from Gaza, asking for help, and never she hesitated to send what she could. A few months ago she send a few amount of money of her retirement savings to a young man to buy a donkey carriage to help him earn a decent living. “The creative eye” was her last book; the creative generous human left us early, only physically, while her achievements will stay as an immemorable statue to all people she loved and beloved.

A comment I wrote last year on her new book “THE CREATIVE EYE”
Heather Spears, in her new book “The Creative eye”, opens the horizon to everyone thirsty for a new vision, new look, and I dare to say exploring new ways to live life. Spears, in her artistic quest of the why and how, is matching what Hayden White tried to explore in the History of Consciousness: creativity, imagination, renaming, and redrawing – it is a new philosophical vision that is needed, not only to look back at the past thousands of years of Mesopotamian’s and Egyptian’s art; but, to contemplate an obscure future, and to gaze into our own mystical inner world as well. -A lovely and inspiring book is needed now to read, especially when we are instructed to be at home nowadays-because of Corona


NB To see her videos on Intifada’s children and drawings see: www.heatherspears.com

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